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The position of moon at the time of birth is called called Janma Rasi or moon sign.

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Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rasi bala is based on this Janma Rasi. In the calculation of Rasi bala your Janma rasi and present planetary positions are considered. Planets at certain position from Janma Rasi gives beneficial or good results. In some other positions they give negative results. Also this is a generalized prediction and not accurate one.

The results will materialize only if it is promised in birth horoscope also. Ashtagavarga should be combined with Gochara to get fairly accurate transit predictions. We have devoted a separate section with ashtakavarga and Gochara. To get those specialized predictions and interpretations give your birth details at our full horoscope section.

Finally, one more screen shows a decade at a time of Equinoxes, Solstices, and Solar and Lunar eclipses.

October 09, Planetary Positions - Sidereal Zodiac for New Delhi, NCT, India

Besides being completely customizable, you can also see the Moon's elevation, Declination, Right Ascension, Azimuth, distance, and Ecliptic longitude and latitude for any date. What an incredible app! As phones and tablets become more and more powerful, the distinctions between apps and desktop programs are beginning to disappear. In fact, Microsoft is spearheading this change with its introduction of the Surface tablet and the upcoming Windows 10 update for all Windows devices.

Standard Windows programs already can run on the Surface, and will also be able to run on future Windows phones too.

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I wrote a major article on mobile astrology apps in the August issue of The Mountain Astrologer and have since then reviewed additional apps in this column. Time Nomad is the latest app for mobile Apple devices the iPhone and iPad with enough capabilities to merit a review. The app uses VSOP87 algorithms for its calculations and automatically enters the coordinates and time zones via Google so one has to be connected to the Internet to add charts to the app.

Any charts that you add to the app will be automatically synchronized across all of your iOS devices via the iCloud. Time Nomad has an excellent help system built-in, with detailed screens showing how to use every feature, information on the latest updates, and more. The app also provides both a free "widget" that can show you the Moon's current placement and phase, and also daily notifications of when important natal and mundane events occur. Every chart has its own diary to add editable notes.

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The author has thoughtfully added several unique capabilities into Time Nomad, such as displaying charts with both Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacal rings and an interactive Heliocentric charts I. The Dashboard screen, which is similarly interactive, is filled with useful information, such as the current length of the day and night, Sunrise, Culmination, and Sunset times, the Solar-Lunar Arc, the Moon's current brightness and phase, what planets are Retrograde and also the impactful, easy, and neutral transits to ones natal chart.

If you click on a chart wheel, a scrollable data screen appears which shows the degree, minutes, and signs of planetary positions and angles, and all of the aspects sorted by type, with orb. Clicking on an aspect shows general aspect information, including what the aspect means, both planets' astrological symbolism, the meaning of the house s involved, and astronomical data about both planets. Time Nomad provides many ways to see current transits. One may view a chart for the current moment, a list of its aspects, the planetary hour, and a mundane transit graph.

And for transits to the natal chart, one can view a transit-to-natal biwheel, or a transit-to-natal hit list, or -- perhaps the best feature of all and the only app for iOS with this feature -- is the Transit Graph, a beautiful line graph of all of the currently occurring transit-to-natal events.

On each of these screens you can shift the date forward with the slider by user-selected intervals e. The Synastry functions provided in the app are also quite useful. You can view a biwheel again controlling which, if any, inter-aspects are displayed as well as a Composite chart. It's simple to swap the inner and outer charts, and you can align the two charts by Zodiac or First House, choose which Zodiac Tropical or Sidereal for each chart independently, and view an inter-aspect list.

By the time you read this, aspect orbs will be customizable, and the author plans to add planetary conjunctions to Fixed Stars and more precise calculations too. Time Nomad is amazingly versatile and powerful for a free app, continues to be developed and enhanced, and is truly worth getting and exploring.

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AstroConnexions by Roger Pearson astroconnexions. AstroConnexions can also import most charts from your other programs chart files. Over charts from AstroDatabank come with the app.

The chart file handling is excellent. You can browse the file, I. This app is very easy to use, and has a surprising number of astrological functions. Like most apps, most screens can be printed, and some emailed. You can select points to display in charts, lists, graphs, and tables, including the planets and Lunar Nodes, the Black Moon, the comet Chiron, the four major asteroids, seven Arabic Parts, the East Point and Vertex, and Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

How to Understand a DAILY ASTROLOGY Transit Chart against YOUR Natal Chart?

You can choose from 19 aspects, and customize the orb for each aspect in natal charts, and specify an aspect orb for all aspects for each of these techniques: Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions, Midpoints, Eclipses, and Synastry and Composite charts. The wheel page in AstroConnexions is packed with information including, in the wheel itself, optional rings showing terms and triplicities, and an aspect grid, Antiscia aspects, Fixed Star aspects to natal points, eclipses before and after the chart date, Day and Hour Lords, and Qualities and Elements.

All of these extras can be turned off, and switched between Modern and Traditional planets. And tapping on any point shows its precise longitude, Triplicity, Term, speed, Latitude and Declination. Well done! There's also a list of current Lunar aspects.

Astrologers using Fixed Stars will love AstroConnexions, because you can pick which ones to use, those that are prominent or from a list of stars, and decide whether to show them in charts or only in tables. Best of all, when viewing the list of active stars, if you click on any star it will show up in the chart wheel, and if you click on Web Link, a web page opens up from the constellationofwords site with detailed information about the star.

The app also has links to other websites, including Deborah Holding's articles on Terms and Triplicities, and a very detailed knowledge base of what the astrological techniques available in the app mean, and how to use them. Shop of astrological gemstones. Basic features All features. Paid features Prices.

How To Read Transits In Your Natal Chart – Step By Step Instructions

Gabi, Dana vedica. Best service, very comfortable and functional. Recommended to our students. It combines the possibilities of the best programs, and Parashara, and Jagannatha, and Kala. We wish Vyacheslav prosperity and development of this project! Julia Kan. Every day I admire your genius more and more! You create the coolest, most convenient and most professional program on Vedic astrology!!! You are a mega-expert, mega-scientist, mega-explorer, mega-programmer!

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