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Keeping an eye on detail can never hurt. Who knows, you might just get that raise you were after! You are allowed to be impulsive when it comes to love, silly Gemini! Go out and socialize, but keep yourself in check. Learn to deal with things, as they can get worse if you remain indifferent. Leo July 23 - August 22 Why are you so arrogant, crazy Leo? Compromise makes life a lot easier. Watch your funds, spending too much will leave you emotionally and physically drained this month. Keep yourself away from those malls and focus on staying healthy! Virgo August 23 - September 22 The key word this month is communication.

Be open and honest with family, friends, and workmates. Any misunderstanding should be solved right away. Be frugal, dear Virgo. You may just meet the partner of your dreams any day! Take your time and get to know each other. Libra September 23 - October 23 Quite the social butterfly this month, fun Libra. Use that friendliness to your advantage and let the good times roll! Disagreements are but natural. Your fast tongue has everybody listening. Nobody likes being around liars.

Forgetting about your health? An event on the 9th will test your selection skills.

New ideas and projects at this point are good, but not for the long haul. Establish good contacts from now on. Be honest with your partner, he will understand. You seem to have gotten lost along the way. Your unusual concepts may just win votes with your co-workers. Learn to be spontaneous as well when it comes to relationships; but keep intentions clear. Use your instincts to keep the peace in your office around the 27th.

The last thing you need is a tense working environment. Why do you insist on taking such a special person in your life for granted? Been thirsting for some existential conversation? Finish your duties at work or school before hooking up with your group of choice. You are truly a stress magnet!

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Let things unfold on their own. Give lots of thought to your next step by the 30th. You know how you get when boredom creeps in. Smart move! Ideas are taking over your thought process. In just 3 months, PH measles cases jump to almost 27, According to statistics from the Department of Health DOH Epidemiology Bureau, the first three months of brought 26, cases of measles -- a massive increase from the 5, cases recorded during the same period It's the version of the tool that pretty much everyone is familiar with, or has used at least once.

There's just something so strangely appealing about the way the Periodic Table presents the elements; a It was also the only Southeast Asian Sparkling crystals are beautiful, but often fetch a high price.

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Thus, when a cute, catchy video pops up showing how you can easily make crystals out of items in your kitchen, you can almost count on it to go viral. After all, these activities look like harmless fun, don't they? Angel C. Alcala has worked tirelessly on studying marine species and promoting reef conservation. This week's question: Are plastic dinosaurs technically made of real dinosaurs? Spend enough time around the internet, and you'll likely find all sorts of interesting images, thought-provoking questions, and observations that will make you question even the Dead whale found in the Philippines with 40kg of plastic in its stomachDarrell Blatchley removing plastic from the dead whale.

Gelia T. Castillo was a pioneer in agriculture and sociology. Castillo conducted valuable research to enhance rural development and improve the lives of farmers.

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When the mobile phone made its debut into our hands and pockets, it changed everything. Gone were the days of hand-mailed letters and paging beepers. Suddenly, we had Heads up, aspiring postgraduate students! The prospect of getting your master's or doctorate abroad is appealing, but also quite costly. This week's question: Why does bread go stale?

Piping hot pan de sal. Deliciously sweet Spanish bread. Pinay physicist wins international award Filipina quantum physicist Dr. Pop culture often depicts scientists as lanky, labcoat-clad dudes mixing chemicals in a laboratory. This week's question: How do tap-to-pay cards work? You may also find yourself naturally needing to buy a ticket It's an all-too-familiar pain. Heck, even Linkin Park knows about it. In the This week's question: What are moles, and why do we have them? Call them blemishes, beauty marks, or weird things on your skin. And while they Jose R. Velasco was a pioneer in rice and coconut research in the Philippines.

Velasco's research on rice photoperiodism and weeds paved the way for better planting strategies and weed control. This week's question: Why does orange juice taste weird after brushing? Before heading out, you decide to grab Are you the type who believes that their zodiac sign will help them get a date?

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Astronomers would like to have a word with you. Feeling lonely this Valentine's Day? Attract the right romantic energy with a physics lesson from an unlikely love guru: Isaac Newton. Around you, couples This week's question: Why don't we run out of blood after donating it? Ever donated blood or given a sample for testing? Measles outbreak linked to over 70 deaths in the Philippines This year alone, more than 70 people in the Philippines have died due to measles, following an announcement from the Department of Health DOH regarding an outbreak across various regions.

The DOH also Wastewater treatment is This week's question: Does grape ice cream exist? Manila Bay rehabilitation begins; lawmakers wary of displacement of informal settlers From ABS-CBN News: Photos of a more pleasant, less toxic-looking Manila Bay coastline along Roxas Boulevard have been circulating online, as netizens applauded the result of a massive weekend cleanup If you live in Metro Manila, there's a good chance you're familiar with the Science Works!

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Perhaps you actively decided to visit the exhibit closest to you. Maybe you experienced it because it was an obligatory science stopover during your last field trip.

Nevertheless, you probably remember all the First Filipino-made to hit the rails on March 1 After years of testing and teasing, it's full speed ahead for the first-ever Filipino-made train. Designed with a passenger capacity, the Hybrid Electric Train is set to run from Alabang to Tutuban and back What if you had to leave behind everything you've known and held on to, in the pursuit of knowledge and a greater understanding of the universe?

Even worse, what if you were a woman in a time when men dominated your chosen field and hardly ever gave you and other It's a unique celestial Hilario D. Lara was a trailblazer in the public health movement in the Philippines. Lara devoted years of research to preventing the spread of cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, measles, and diphtheria in the country. It effectively boosts existing policies November 11, 3 mins read. November 3, 3 mins read.


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    philstar horoscope january 24 Philstar horoscope january 24
    philstar horoscope january 24 Philstar horoscope january 24
    philstar horoscope january 24 Philstar horoscope january 24
    philstar horoscope january 24 Philstar horoscope january 24
    philstar horoscope january 24 Philstar horoscope january 24
    philstar horoscope january 24 Philstar horoscope january 24
    philstar horoscope january 24 Philstar horoscope january 24

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