New london day horoscope

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SP: Inveroak.

If you are single, others may assume you always play safe in love — but your next passion partner can be daringly different. The wait is over as the sun draws opportunities and excitement into your life. You can be your best self, especially in a group of friends or colleagues.

Daily horoscope for September 1: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Maybe you need to tell someone how special they are. A standout strand of ambition runs through your chart, creating a foundation of rock-solid support.

Be ready to reward it! Love-wise, patience and kindness strengthen a relationship. A travel event — perhaps a second-time meeting — transforms work fortunes and keeps someone extra-special close at hand.

A house with lots of unusual extras could be your perfect home. When you decide to go for bigger or bolder goals, the pieces fall into place. That Leo with a loud laugh plays a part.

A moon of deep inner thoughts guides you towards transformation linked to loving. Natural confidence is a special attraction factor. Doubling up on journeys puts you in touch with life-changing people and places.


The way you share knowledge makes all the difference. At work, the more generous you are with your time, the more in charge you will feel. The progress is exciting. As your wellness zone reaches out to your sector of personal turning points, this can be the time to reach a crucial fitness or work target — or at least decide what the goal is. Hard work is good but focused work is even better.


When you concentrate your efforts, so much happens. Sign in. All Football. Mystic Meg. Get more from Mystic Meg.

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Meg's Jewellery Collection Meg's collection has been developed to bring out the magic in each star sign. The MarStars Astrology expert thinks this aspect really brings a lot of stability, particularly for the Earth signs. But Uranus and Pluto are both connected to Mercury mean it is time for the transformation of certain ideas.

The Transit Moon remains in Libra today, putting the focus on relationships, communicating with others and a search for more balance and harmony in our lives. Daily horoscope: We have the fourth positive Uranus aspect occurring today, this time with Mercury Image: Getty.

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Daily horoscope: Mercury is currently very strong now because it is in Virgo Image: Getty. The other positive aspect for Sunday is a Trine between Venus and Saturn. This aspect can bring us more stable emotions and responsibilities in regards to relationships.

new london day horoscope New london day horoscope
new london day horoscope New london day horoscope
new london day horoscope New london day horoscope
new london day horoscope New london day horoscope
new london day horoscope New london day horoscope
new london day horoscope New london day horoscope

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