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ArielB Leave a comment. Monkey horoscope predicts that this year is a year for new beginnings and plenty of changes. You are likely to be more optimistic about what the future has to offer. You will want to bring change into your life and take many of the opportunities that come your way.

Also, you are sure to develop as a person in this year of the white metal rat, and your life will be filled with more excitement than it has been in previous years. Many people know that monkeys are highly intelligent creatures. The people who are born in the year of the monkey are also said to have many other traits that are related to that of real-life monkeys. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it.


Some of these traits include being fun-loving, active, optimistic, hedonistic, impulsive, and friendly. All of these traits help to define their personality and their horoscope for Chinese zodiac predicts that the monkeys are likely to feel like they have more control over their relationships in This is a great enhancement in your own life. With your new sense of having more control, you will also feel more confident in your relationships.

Will the monkey get married in ? No matter what kind of relationship you are in this year, you should try to improve your communication skills.

Year of the Dog

Tell people what is on your mind and make sure that they take you seriously. All of these things are sure to improve the relationships that you have with others, as well as how you feel about yourself. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! This personality change may not be easy for the Chinese monkey. But it is sure to pay off in the short and long run if you can master the art of gentle assertiveness. Finding a good middle-zone for this is a great way to get the best out of your social interactions with anyone: romantic partners, friends, and even family members.

Having a baby in too shall be your decision. Monkey predictions suggest you will feel more spontaneous at your workplace this year.

This could benefit you, or it could get you into trouble. Make sure that you use your creativity when it is wanted, not when it just makes things harder. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Also, try to maintain a good relationship with your superior and your co-workers in this year of the rat.

This will make your career work much more smoothly than if you were making enemies around the office. Try to balance your work and home life. While you are at home, it is a great idea to try to work on your hobbies that also make you money. Test Now! Monkey, your health should be relatively stable this year as well.

Take our online love Compatibility test. Monkeys work very hard in their careers. They can adapt well to different working environments. Good career choices for Monkeys are: accounting and banking, science, engineering, stock market trading, air traffic control, film directing, jewelry, and sales. Monkeys are not very quick to settle down into relationships, as they tend to be promiscuous and easily bored.

Since Monkeys are sociable and love to talk, it's easy to relate to them. Usually Monkeys are very healthy, partly due to their active lifestyles, and their drive to experience different flavors of life. If they do experience illness, it is usually of the nervous or circulatory system. People born in a year of the Monkey often spend more time at work than average.

Chinese Horoscope The Monkey

To save energy , Monkeys need to remember to take breaks during their busy schedules. Since Monkeys usually do more outdoor activities, they should pay special attention to safety ; also while traveling or driving. Those who were born in a year of the Monkey have good luck in , especially in terms of development and wealth.

Chinese Zodiac Charm Bracelets for Lover & Good Love

On the health front, Monkeys need to pay more attention to their physical condition. Monkeys will be lucky in their careers. There will be many chances for Monkeys to achieve their goals. As long as they are careful and work hard, everything will go well for them. They are advised to maintain an exercise routine and have routine medical checkups.

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In , Monkeys will have good luck with money. Their salaries or benefits will improve. Monkeys will do well in their investments and be well rewarded. They will easily meet attractive partners this year.

Chinese Astrology: The Monkey Personality and Compatibility

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