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Here's a sneak peak at his birth chart! A lot has happened in British politics in the last month. Taking another look at the horary prediction techniques of William Lilly With the Equinox out of the way and Spring now officially here in the northern hemisphere, the media and royal rumour mill have gone into overdrive. What's the likely outcome of Mercury's next plot twist in the Brexit saga?

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A lot has happened in British politics since my last blog post just a week or two ago. Theresa May lost last night's Brexit deal vote. At this time, actual power had passed to one of the leading noble families under Karl or Charles Martel, even though he did not claim royal authority but maintained a royal Merovingian figurehead.

Boris Johnson’s Horoscope: Brexit and Britain in 12222 and 2020

In a move to increase his legitimacy in the eyes of nobility, and to take advantage of the lax protection afforded the papacy by the Eastern Roman Empire Byzantium , he struck a deal with the Pope in exchange for protection in Italy. The Treaty of Verdun is hailed as birth of Europe as we know it today.

The Frankish Empire was effectively divided into an Eastern kingdom, a Middle kingdom, and a Western kingdom. Eastern Frankia was bounded by the Middle Kingdom on its right and Islamic Al-Andalus Spain to the south, and hence the counts who ruled in East Frankia did not have much room to expand their lands.

Astrogeographical positions of the EU parliament in Brussels

The result was that the counties in East Frankia fought often with one another, dividing the land and power in the region to a very high degree. Royal authority in East Frankia sat with one ruler who actually only was left controlling the lands immediately surrounding Paris. West Frankia was bounded on the west by the Middle Kingdom, and on its right by open land and Slavic territories, so the Dukes of West Frankia being far less numerous than the Counts of East Frankia were more cohesive in their power and expansion. With the successful battles against the Hungarians in later years, the Otto dynasty of rulers arose to create what would become the Kingdom of Germany, or Prussia.

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The Middle Kingdom, being but a narrow strip of land separating East and West Frankia, and containing the region of Alsace-Lorraine, was soon assimilated into either the East or West Frankish kingdoms in subsequent wars between the two. Regions in the Middle Kingdom have since always been hotly contested land between France and Germany, with peace only arriving with the forming of the European Union after World War II.

The breakup of the Middle Kingdom, which also included lands of Northern Italy, placed pressure on Italian nobility to declare their independent kingdoms which arose out of the conflict pursuant to the Treaty of Verdun. So expect an escalation in aggression and no doubt some critical develops.

Thanks for your insight! Jamie, its frightening how bad the aspects are for war inside uk. Theresa May is a bloody difficult woman as Ken Clarke said. If this is not postponed until a later date, God help all the little people. And, yes, thanks Jamie. You are the latest I have read in a long line of astrology posts re Brexit, yours is very easy to understand.

Those born to the Karmic path nodal axis , decan 3 Capricorn — decan 3 Cancer…are here to develop the ability to persuade others to their point of view rather than dominate them….

Brilliant post, best Brexit post on the web! On the 29th: Chiron will be in the 4th house threat to the home? BML will be in the 3rd nasty communication. Eris will be in the 5th monstrous offspring?

A New Chart for Europe: The Treaty of Verdun – Spica Astrology

PallasR will be conjunct Spica in the 11th house redo of the referendum? And Spica can only be good! Vesta will be in the 4th as well, near the end of Pisces. Trying for conception at Brexit? Your baby will be born conjunct the Galactic Centre.

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  8. Watch for a blip in births at this time… and where on the planet this occurs. What constellation?

    I do not know…altho the pre-eminant Asteroid of Lesbos blinking out…. Hi Gerald!

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    4. Your star is in Orion, very near the border of Taurus. I used WikiSky.

      european union astrology chart European union astrology chart
      european union astrology chart European union astrology chart
      european union astrology chart European union astrology chart
      european union astrology chart European union astrology chart
      european union astrology chart European union astrology chart

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