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Birth Chart: Diana Ross (Aries)

You have an excellent ability to persevere against all odds and can be quite resourceful as well. These skills are put to good use when you make the necessary alterations to the outdated systems in your path. You will fight for justice, whether for yourself or when you see others being treated unfairly. You are a leader with a superb capacity for managerial duties. Others turn to you when they need guidance and you put them on the correct path. Very dedicated, you go after your objectives with complete focus, intensely moving forward in an almost obsessive fashion. Those who skirt away from their troubles tend to rub you the wrong way as you are inclined to see them as weak and find it difficult to give much weight to their views, concerns, or to them as a person.

You firmly believe that your fate is what you make it and hold others to the same standard. Very perceptive, your intuition quickly picks up on the truth of a situation. You are aware of the destruction that pessimism can cause and therefore passionately and diligently work to unravel these thoughts, applying the same conviction and purpose that you would with everything you do. Those around you intuit your strength and capabilities, treating you as though you have already reached the top.

Many times you avoid challenging tasks entirely, expecting them to disappear somehow. You tend to imagine that your worries are greater than they are or spend countless hours obsessing over problems that never come to pass. Very creative, you feel pulled to channel your energy into artistic pursuits, though they never seem to get off the ground as you do not possess sufficient motivation and diligence. The mystical realm tends to fascinate you though you must be mindful not to become engrossed in negative spiritual endeavours such as calling on dark spirits, hypnosis, and the like, as they will bring you trouble.

Self-restraint is not your strong point and you have a difficult time saying no to temptations. You are likely to have issues with substance abuse at some point in your life, though you need to curb these cravings as they will only bring you grief. You can be a bit delusional and would do well to develop some practicality; you need to keep your feet on the ground if you are to accomplish anything. Your empathy is deep and you are always willing to come to the aid of others.

However, your sensitive emotions can be easily abused by those who may play the victim just to take advantage of your kindness. These situations have the potential to drag you down drastically. Keep in mind that you are in control of your own destiny and these people cannot harm you without you allowing them to.

Focus on learning how to turn people down when your intuition warns you that they may not be worth trusting. Finding your direction in life may prove challenging for you as you have trouble concentrating on any one specific point. You are prone to romanticism, nostalgia, and reacting emotionally. Your spirituality can be blinded by material desires. You are strongly affected by your environment and must pay attention to what sorts of circumstances you engage in. Physically you are sensitive to medication in general and should be mindful of how much of it you take, even when given a prescription from the doctor.

A quiet, non-confrontational nature can make it difficult for you to get ahead in life. Your tendency to fantasise breeds delusion, either from yourself or by other people. One of your life lessons is to learn how to defend your values and beliefs, despite potential controversy. Your sensitive feelings are easily wounded by others and you often evade any sort of disagreement, preferring to sweep things under the rug. You are likely to view others with rose-coloured glasses, placing them on a pedestal and seeing only their fine points. When they eventually disappoint you, you are crushed. You must enjoy other people for who they actually are rather than what you want them to be, flaws and all.

Past life karma may place hidden adversaries in your path to account for dishonourable acts from the past; be cautious of who you trust. Acquiring knowledge throughout your life is very valuable to you. You have a good head on your shoulders and are skilled at long-term thinking and strategy. Travelling is particularly beneficial for you as it will open your mind and teach you how to understand yourself, others, and the world more thoroughly. Usually prone to seeing things on a grand scale, you may tend to overlook details, preferring to pass those tasks onto others who are more interested in them.

You are likely to be good at public speaking and people tend to believe in and support you as they intuitively feel that you are an honourable person who will do them no harm. Genuine and ethical, you would never purposefully betray or mislead others. However, you are prone to embellish or amplify your tales slightly in order to make a good impression on others.

You are full of good humour and find social interactions with others easy and enjoyable. Philosophical or religious theories are likely to be on your mind throughout your life. You have no trouble swiftly learning whatever you are interested in.

Diana Ross

You have an amazing way of viewing every aspect of a situation without bias and finding a solution that suits all parties involved. Very accepting of others quirks and shortcomings, you are never vengeful or resentful as you believe life is better lived without harbouring negative emotions. You readily take part in debates because they allow you an opportunity to express your opinions and learn new perspectives.

You would do well in a field that either entails public speaking or is related to finding justice in some way. Business and selling to the public can also be good avenues for you to explore in your career. This placement bestows luck upon your undertakings and you are likely to be successful due to your optimism and ability to endure through whatever difficulties come your way; your never-ending hope keeps you afloat.

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The old-fashioned way of doing things is not for you and you will not pay old traditions any mind when you are making your decisions. Searching for new experiences, you are always ready and willing to go off on a random adventure. You enjoy keeping up to date with all of the newest technology and often are the first to have the latest gadgets and gizmos. You are very independent and need a great deal of space to venture forward into the world. Progressive and innovative, you strive for change and reform of some sort. You think outside the box and can be madly brilliant with finding creative answers to whatever problem you are presented with.

Artistic and highly intuitive, you must find an outlet to express these gifts. You are able to remove yourself from the lower impulses of human nature and call on your more enlightened self for guidance and purpose. Many times situations sort of just happen to you, spontaneously and seemingly at random; you can never quite know what to expect in your life. Some unseen force seems to be protecting you as you can get big breaks just when you felt time were running out.

Philosophy and acquiring knowledge are important to you and you tend towards idealism. However, you are often accepting of others views, despite them differing from your own. You have keen intuition and a sensitive, creative mind that may lead to mystical abilities. Substance abuse may also be prevalent and must be watched for or it can destroy you.

The mundane ins and outs of the daily routine bore you and you crave a way to be a part of a fantastical enterprise, where you can couple idealism with your imaginative mind. If you are not able to find an outlet for this, you will be unable to discipline yourself to perform the duties that you are responsible for. Others depend on you yet you often disappoint them. This causes people to view you negatively and disassociate themselves from you in the future.

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It might prove challenging for you to decipher what is real from what is not; living half-way in a dream-like state is typical for you. It is imperative that you find a way to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground or you will sink. Perhaps you do not feel at home here in the physical realm and are more comfortable in the spiritual one, but you are here now and must do your best to gain wisdom from the situations you encounter. All of us exist in this world for that very reason and you are no exception. Instead of being lost in the fantasy, pay attention and do what you need to.

If you are able to focus and discipline yourself, you just might be able to achieve the fantasy you so strive for. A pyramid was not built in a day, and neither is the kind of life that you dream of. Artistic and creative ventures will allow you to express the pent up feelings you harbour deep down from all of the responsibilities that drag you down in daily life. Your imaginative abilities can create something truly epic, if only you can keep yourself centred in reality and restrain yourself enough to work practically until your vision is realised.

Selfish endeavours are not appealing to you and you would rather devote your time to something that will be beneficial on a grand scale; this will give you a sense of purpose. Climbing the social or corporate ladder may not be for you as you do not possess the qualities competitive, confrontational qualities that often drive others to the top. There is also a habit of deeming yourself either far more capable than you are, or undervaluing yourself.

Deceit and delusion are themes in your life, whether they come from other people, or from your own insecurities. People may try to take advantage of your helpful and caring nature, so be mindful that you do not fall prey to every John that tells you a sad tale. Keep in mind that although it would be amazing if you could protect the world from evil all on your own, it is highly unlikely; you can, however, look out for yourself, which will take a lot of effort as it is. You tend to become overly dependent in your romantic involvements or your partner may be overly dependent on you, and there is a likelihood of either sacrificing too much of yourself to somehow save them or to go the other extreme and act as though they are victimising you.

However, it is imperative that you comprehend that when a partnership is not equal, it is not a partnership at all and will not succeed in the end. This placement can intensify abrasive, sensory, rash, irritable, demanding, and indulgent traits as well as verbal and physical dramaticism. You often follow whichever path your desires steer you towards. Spirituality for you may either go towards being very devoted to your religion, or the exact opposite route, Atheism. However, you seem to embody a bit of a chaotic nature and must learn self-restraint.

You are gifted but are not confident in your capabilities and question whether you are worthy. Your insecurities are masking reality and you need to start believing in yourself.

Your lesson is to overcome whatever is keeping you from developing the self-confidence you need to succeed in the areas that you are most talented. Try not to let failing at something deter you from trying again; everyone makes mistakes and this does not make you any less worthy or capable. Keep Trying. When you are feeling insecure, you will start blaming others for your mistakes until you believe the lies yourself.

However, what is true never stays hidden for long and in the end when it comes out, you will experience depression; best to be upfront. You should look at each failed attempt as a way to learn and grow, to become stronger and more capable in the future. Your disappointments will aid you in developing self-discipline and a higher spirituality, as will displaying selfless acts of kindness towards others. Use caution with others as they may not be the person they project themselves as.

It is possible that hidden adversaries from a previous life will turn up in this one to administer the karma you deserve. Though you may be tempted, try to keep from participating in unwholesome mystical practices, calling on dark spirits, and similar endeavours. Deep down you feel a strong pull towards being completely genuine and truthful towards other people and your own self. People love you because you are kind and make an effort to show that you pay attention to the little things others may miss. Female company is particularly easy for you to bond with.

You feel a deep sense of satisfaction from channelling your emotions into creative endeavours of any kind. You crave beautiful surroundings that are both luxurious and harmonious. Often, your living quarters reflect these values. You are very polite, courteous, and refined in your presentation and you feel uncomfortable around those that are rude, tactless, or rough in their mannerisms. There may be a tendency towards overindulging in rich cuisine that needs to be monitored.

Escapism is also a possibility. You dislike hard work and will shun doing anything you deem as laborious. Others are drawn to you because they intuitively feel that you genuinely have their best interest at heart. You love being around people, and they love being around you. This may give to a career dealing with the population on a grand scale, perhaps in publicity.

You enjoy having, and caring for, guests in your home and welcome people with open arms. Your charming manner and giving nature make you the perfect entertainer of visitors. Emotionally you are stable and secure, overcoming a previous craving to be possessive when you care deeply about a person. Frequent fluctuations and transformations are likely to be part of your life and aid you in improving yourself and the lives of others. Intuitively you are aware that these fluctuations are good for you and are therefore welcoming of them.

You find yourself striving to better the world, and you are able to do this peacefully and lawfully, without causing strife or disharmony. You readily compete with others and are considered a fighter in spirit. Developing some diplomacy would do you well; learn to work as a team. You can be confrontational and aggressive, starting arguments over the littlest of matters. Easily giving into your urges, you have difficulty with self-restraint. Many times you believe that in order to get what you desire you need to win a battle of sorts.

You are always looking out for your own best interest and pushing yourself to the top of the line which can create hostility in others. You insist that you are correct even when you are not, do not foster forgiveness towards others, and have trouble apologising. Energetic and driven, be mindful not to release this in destructive ways by squandering it via meaningless endeavours or being at the whim of your sensual desires.

You can be rash, careless, and lacking in patience; try to think things through before rushing full force into things. You dislike being held back in any way and will not abide by others trying to control you in any fashion which causes trouble with authority figures, affecting your advancement in your career. You are highly accident-prone and temperamental, volatile even. Pay attention to how much energy you are exerting as you typically go go go until you drop; find a way to release your energy steadily. Extreme internal tensions and an inability to handle them can cause you to erupt when things do not go as you wanted, especially at those you feel most comfortable with.

You can be spontaneous though careless, leading you into trouble, especially financially. The only thing limiting you from achieving great heights is yourself. Find a way to direct that amazing energy of yours in a beneficial way and success is yours! Though of course the path to glory will insist that you develop discipline, patience, diligence, perseverance, and a strong will. It may be necessary for you to come to terms with your spiritual needs versus what you think you need, as this is causing inner conflict for you. Let go of the lower, earthly ways of thinking and be open to wisdom and spiritual growth.

You may find that these tensions cease to exist, allowing you to go forward in a more positive manner. You are brave and confident, now all you need is a bit of self-discipline to pull it all together. People feel they can trust you to be counted on as you are a dependable sort. What you promise, you make sure to deliver. This constancy draws others to you. Whatever you require to accomplish your endeavours seems to come to you somehow, even if it is in the last moments.

You are able to achieve equilibrium between what is possible and what is actual. You are able to work well on a team; however you usually feel more at ease when working on your own. You are patient in your work efforts and persist regardless the duration, as you know the effort will be rewarded in the end. You are naturally joyful and happy-go-lucky with others, very sociable, and do not restrain yourself emotionally. People seek out your counsel and aid because they know that you have a giving spirit.

You are not one to judge, instead you accept people for who they are, foibles and all. You are also not usually anxious, rather you go with the flow and take things as they come. However, sometimes you may give more of yourself than would be wise. Your generosity may enable people to continue in their bad habits instead of pushing them to make it on their own. You are prone to emotional intensity and this may need to be tempered, especially regarding romantic partnerships.

Something inside of you pushes you to keep going full-force until you are unable to go any further due to sheer exhaustion.

You may feel as though you are always rushing around from one thing to another. Because of your tendency to indulge in rich cuisine, you are susceptible to weight-gain as you age. It is possible that life may try to test your views. Do not be overly positive about your financial situation and keep from being too confident in general.

There is a part of you that is scared to see that there could be something wrong with anything you do or think, keeping you from growing as a person. Show Notes — What does it mean to be a Shamanic practitioner? Intro and outro music from bensound. Ayesha Ophelia is HeArtist who loves to pull on the threads of synchronicity.

Ayesha is no stranger to the complex, messy process of creativity, and she wants to help other women feel safe navigating their creative processes as they bring their gifts to the world. Learn more about Ayesha at www. Follow Ayesha on Instagram at www.

Chani shares her views on how astrology can be a healing tool. We talk about the Lilith myth, the power of knowing where we came from, […]. Rank 1: Connecting with the Divine with Tosha Silver. Episode Do you find yourself longing to connect to something greater than yourself?

Wondering how to discover a deeper relationship to spirit? Many people who come to the tarot table are seeking something other than the standard "will I meet someone? They want to feel aligned with their spiritual life. In this episode of Tarot Bytes, I am talking with Tosha Silver, author of The Wild Offering Oracle about what it means to link with the divine - and how to make that connection.

We also discuss prayer, non-believers, tarot, and surrender as well as Tosha's new deck. Rank 2: Knights. Episode Knights. As we move through the Court Cards, we come to the action-oriented Knights. Learn what these guys are all about. There is often a short astrology lesson. Listen and learn how to navigate your week in alignment with the heavens Based on the astrology configurations above our heads, Anne discusses the energy we can expect to experience on Planet Earth during the upcoming week.

She offers a brief astrology lesson! You can always book a private consultation with Anne to discuss your personal questions and your chart. Rank 1: The Intersection of Astrology and Psychology. In this episode, Hadley Fitzgerald, licensed therapist and astrologer, joins Tony Howard to talk about the intersection of astrology and psychology. Along the way they make some fruitful detours to talk about the kind of astrology that helps support people rather filling them with fear or a feeling of limitation.

Aubrie De Clerck talks about her work with Chiron and career. She shares how to identify your I Am desires to create the life you want, how to connect with your intuition to create unique abundance rituals that are powerful for you, the importance of voting with your money, and the important question she invites you to ask when it comes to money. Make sure you check out her website www. Spirit Guide Coach and Founder of Spirit House Collective Aja Daashuur joins the Living Open podcast for an incredible conversation on communicating with your spirit guides and embracing your magic.

Support the podcast on Patreon or book a tarot reading with me. Rank 1: Exploring Saturn with Danielle Polgar. In this show, Danielle and I explore the Saturn Return with fresh eyes and open hearts.


We talk about 7 year cycles, other various Saturn transits, and ultimately, how to best work with the Lord of the Changing Sands. We hope you learn something, and that your perspective about him changes by the end of your listen. Enjoy www. Mark Jones is my guest for this show. An incredible Astrologer who weaves Psychosynthesis with Evolutionary Astrology together, bringing forth a grounded and heart centered approach to the healing potential of Astrology.

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I.

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Happy Taurus Full Moon as well! Love, sOma www. Hey sweet friends,I am so excited to bring you another beautiful conversation on this sunny last Friday of May! She is the founder of MoonTent, a media platform dedicated to wisdom from the heart of the feminine. She is the host of moonwisepodcast which features monthly lunar forecasts and interviews with women of power.

Born in Germany and raised in the U. After completing a degree at the University of Chicago and working in the film and nonprofit worlds, she found herself longing for a more holistic approach to life and went on to become a student of herbal medicine, nutrition and earth-honoring wisdom traditions. She is wildly grateful to her elders and teachers, her family and the mountains, rivers, trees and flowers that inspire her. Everyone receives a monthly package filled with herbal recipes and video guides, play lists, journaling prompts, meditations, self-massage and writing practices as well as seasonal ritual ideas.

Hey friends,this episode is really, really beautiful - especially if you are into the tarot. Lindsay Mack has been such an inspiration to me as she has a really unique way of working with the cards in healing and creative ways. I got to ask her about self-care practices, plant friends, making wild career moves and healing from trauma and PTSD. Lindsay shared her view on soul cards, how her astrological houses have helped her better understand her experience, how she started her journey as a tarot reader after a major crisis, what eucalyptus means to her and why she wants to connect to the plants of her ancestry.

We also talked about healing trauma as a present moment process around something that happened in the past, what our relationship to the word witch is and our perspective on generosity and unconventional online marketing. A little side note - the sound quality unfortunately is a little lower than usual in this episode as I had some tech issues, I hope you still enjoy it!

Laura teaches in the Yoga and Philosophy program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, online at Mystery School of the Goddess and privately, offering classes, rituals, and workshops on the Goddesses, history and ritual practices of the Kaula, Shakta and Tantra traditions into which she has been initiated. For episode number 11, I am joined by mother, writer, teacher, and herbalist Amber Magnolia Hill. Alternative Health. Read more. Share this podcast:. Full of Abundant love, service, joy and pleasure. Thank you, Jeff, for this offering! Love this podcast. Best Episodes All Episodes.

Apr 18 First up on this sensual Taurus episode, we have a mini intro to understanding Taurus. But because the Scorpio Full Moon is this week, on Sunday, April 29, we mainly will be exploring how Scorpio is a polar energy to Taurus. We talk about what the full moon invites us into over the coming week. And focus on the soul-centered aspect of the balance between Taurus and Scorpio.

And then to round this sensual episode off, we get a chance to talk to Adriana Rizzolo. Again as always, I am a soul-centered astrologer, and I offer readings and private lessons. Apr 25 Jan 24 Sep 12 I am so excited to be here with you all, as always, but particularly this week because it is the finale of Season 3. So we are growing here together.

We are going to first just kinda touch base about the current transits, and also what the next 6 weeks has in store for us, because it is Mercury Retrograde. And so if you are newer to the show, Mercury Retrograde marks the end of a season here on this podcast. Which is why today is the finale, because mercury goes retrograde next wednsday. July Then second, we are looking at our final 2 cancer queens birth charts. She is a cancer sun- taurus moon- Leo rising. And then, we are gonna honor the life of and look at the birth chart of Princess Diana. She is a cancer sun- Aquarius moon- sagittarius rising.

And so even just by looking at their triple tier, we can really feel how differently their flavor of cancer is expressed. So beautiful. And my heart literally melts when I think about the conversation and dialogue we created. And so, just by these slight introductions, you can probably already sense that our conversations revolve around some deeply personal and healing topics.

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  • Jul 18 And please rate, review, subscribe, and leave comments! Have a great week! May 23 For the season finale, we first start off touching base with the theme for Season 2, Saturn in Capricorn, and how that influences this Aries Season, as Aries Ruling Planet Mars is also in the productive and resourceful Capricorn.

    We will talk bout what transits will be happening over the coming weeks, including Full Moon in Libra and Venus entering Taurus. And of course, we all know, Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow, Thursday March Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou is beyond an inspiration as a living embodiment of the pioneering energy of an Aries Sun. Her birth chart is an incredible representation of this, so I can not wait to get into the astrology components of her life. We also enjoy two hot tracks by Zac. All of this and more! Mar 21 Jan 31 We have an incredible episode for you this week. And then the second part of this episode we honor the life of the great legend, Selena, the famous Tejano singer.

    To check out her birth chart, goto astrology. And then to round this episode off, we have a steamy Aries panel, with three bad ass Aries women: Georgia Marcantoni, a holistic interior designer who uses astrology in her practice; Peyton Sandler, an akashic records practitioner fairy school teacher who was recently interview by Vogue; and Naama Noach, a radical film maker from Tel Aviv who is new to the astrology world. In this panel, we go over what Aries needs in a relationship, the physicality and sexuality of Aries, as well as the soul-centered higher octave of activating from a place of compassion as a Love Warrior.

    So each month, in your e-mail, I will share with you the 3 most profound transits based off of your Birth Chart, and provide you tools for embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning. And you can sign up by clicking this link. So if you wanted to try it out, and see if it resonates with you, then check it out. Love you cousins! Mar 06 Happy New Year ! And Happy Eclipse Season! Jan 10 Feb 06 Jun 17 Jul 01 We have another incredible episode for you this week cousins.

    Enjoy a Virgo meditation for embodied health, and then listen in as we go on a deep dive into Understanding Virgo from a soul-centered perspective! Minneapolis based astrologer Shawn Nygaard joined the pod for a discussion of archetypal astrology. Shawn has spoken at a number of astrology conferences. He is one of astrology's most givers of presentation. This was a great chat. LA based astrologer, musician and coffee-jock Matthew Williams joins TBA to discuss his project helping astrologers exchange readings.

    Find Matthew at: worstofthewurst on the twitter machine. Diana Rose Harper joins the show for a continuation of our conversation about the devil's poker deck. In this episode Diana we begin a three part series discussing the intersection of Tarot and Astrology. Meredith and Kipp discuss eclipses. Special emphasis is placed on the two whoppers coming up in July Special guests include Mars, Saturn, and Pluto.

    Also featuring the Sun, Moon, Capricorn and Cancer. The duo also goes through a couple celebrity charts including the current head of state in the US. The book wraps up with a thorough look at the Uranus-Jupiter and Saturn-Neptune cycles.

    diana rose astrology Diana rose astrology
    diana rose astrology Diana rose astrology
    diana rose astrology Diana rose astrology
    diana rose astrology Diana rose astrology
    diana rose astrology Diana rose astrology

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